eXcec Business Consulting

“Offering market entry solutions and management support in China since 2004. We make it our mission to lower entry barriers to the Chinese market.”


You want to have your own staff in China with minimum hassle?

Our business representation solution could be just for you.

You need your own legal entity in China (not a severely restricted & expensive “representative office”) for conducting trade or providing services on the mainland but don’t want to set up a local office or even hire local staff just yet?

Our unique China Ltd. setup and administration service is just what you need.

You need to keep tabs on your China operation (transparency please!) without sending expensive expat staff?

Our hosted web based ERP solution and information management services make that possible.

You need support in China for:

  • Procurement
  • Partner search
  • Negotiations with Chinese partners
  • China Business planning
  • Project preparation
  • Recruitment
  • Control of your joint venture or wholly owned operation

Our management support & consultancy services are affordable and professional in language you are comfortable with and grounded in over 15 years of China experience.


Please contact us by dropping a note or calling our Shanghai office: +862160730246