Your own executive in Shanghai w/o hassle!


The Chinese market is obviously attractive, but is also challenging for western companies because of barriers of language and culture as well as a general lack of transparency.

That’s why it pays to have own people “on the ground” that exclusively represent your interests to be more in control and better informed. Typical tasks for such an own representation are to develop new suppliers, to take control over procurement, perform quality checks, set up a distribution network, organize after sales service, prepare investments, or identify and select suitable partner organizations etc.

Often this is achieved through either informal arrangements or through setting up a formal representative office. The first method has the advantage of lower cost and less hassle but the disadvantages of lack of control and continuity and poor presentation. The advantage of the latter is good presentation but the disadvantages are high costs, long lead-time and much management and administrative overhead.

eXcec Business Consulting Co. Ltd. of offers you an alternative: a new form of presence in China (Shanghai) that combines the advantages of above two modes without the disadvantages! So you own representation in China at low costs, legally sound, continuity assured, with expatriate supervision and without the hassle.


Central to our concept is the ‘business representative’. The business representative is recruited on the local labor market according the profile you specify. He (she) is legally employed by eXcec, works from our offices but is detached to your company and follows your instructions. We control the formal aspects of the work your representative is doing on your behalf and offer support. For all practical purposes therefore the representative is your own executive.

The service can be summed up as follows: “To offer the human resources, supporting services, information and communication systems, and the physical and legal infrastructure to allow foreign companies to engage in all work typically conducted from a foreign representative office in China.”

One way of looking at the service would be as a form of outsourcing. Recruitment, human resources management, facility management, accounting etc. all are outsourced by you to us, to allow you to concentrate on getting the most out of the representation. In other words: you don’t need to worry about the process but only about setting the targets and the results.

Yet another way of looking at it would be as an ‘incubator’. Your China business is carefully nurtured until it is big enough to warrant setting up your own office or own company.

If you need your own company in China right from the start to be able to sell on the local market (issue invoices) or export/import from to China on your own title, you can consider combining this service with our China Ltd. set up and administration service. In that case the employment relationship with the business representative can be with your own China Ltd.


In the frame work of the business representation concept we provide the following services:

  • Recruitment
  • Employment & payroll processing
  • Reception & secretarial support, office management
  • Operational budget control, and reporting
  • Supervision
  • Ad-hoc consulting
  • Web-based Customer Relationship management/ERP system


The benefits can be concisely summed up as follows:

  • Lower costs as overhead is shared
  • More effective with professional support
  • Short lead time
  • Better motivated local staff, reducing staff turnover, as staff feel to be part of larger organization and see a more interesting career path
  • Less dependency on local employees through well developed and controlled operating procedures, including filing and reporting procedures.
  • Lowering of entry and exit barriers allow firms to test and tap the Chinese market in an earlier stage of their development, possibly contributing to faster development.
  • Gradual commitment allows expenses to be fine tuned to expected benefits.
  • Less strain on parent organization as office and human resource management, administration are outsourced.
  • Immediate access to a well-developed local business network.
  • Expatriate management with rich China experience allows for improved cross-cultural communication and meeting western standards of performance.


We charge for our services a fixed fee that consists of three components:

  • The salary costs of our representative (these vary according the background of your representative)
  • A fee for use of our facilities and secretarial support
  • A management fee that covers among others the costs of expatriate supervision

The fee is therefore not contingent on revenues you realize or something like that. We do not charge commission. You can decide yourself about the salary level of your representative and whether or not to pay a bonus to reward good performance.
Out-of-pocket expenses your representative makes in the course of fulfilling the assignments will be administered by us according to budgets you approve beforehand.

The service is rendered from our office location in Pu-Xi the in the heart of Shanghai. Part-time arrangements are also possible.

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