China company formation & administration

No own physical office needed

eXcec Business consulting is proud to offer an new low entry barrier way of entering the Chinese market: the China Ltd. formation and administration service. Up to recent the only way to maintain a limited presence in China was by setting up a so-called “Representative Office”. The problem with that form of presence is that the range of activities that can be engaged in is severely limited by government regulations. The most constraining regulation being that one cannot legally issue invoices. In spite of not being able to make money the representative office does have to pay taxes (some 15% on costs). It can only be registered in designated (relatively expensive) office buildings and a physical office must be maintained.

Through our cooperation with a local government nearby Shanghai we can now offer formation of a China Limited Liability Company that does not need keeping its own physical office. We provide an address in the municipality where the company is registered and office can be kept in any location of China or one can opt not to keep an own local office at all but instead entrust us with the administration of the company.

Low costs

The cost of maintaining the company are low. A local accountant needs to be engaged to do the tax returns and yearly audits. We have negotiated favorable fees already. No office need to be rented nor local staff need to be hired. Should you wish to appoint us to administer the company, our service fees are based on transaction volume, with a low fixed annual fee.
There are minimum requirements for the amount of registered capital (which needs to be transferred into the bank account of your new China Ltd. – within a certain period after registration) depending on whether it is a service or trade company, which tax status you require and whether the company should engage in import and or export. However these requirements are now largely in line with the local Chinese companies and would normally not form an obstacle.

Remote control

The company can be fully remote controlled. Management of the bank account is in your own hands and done over the Internet. We can prepare payments should you wish so, you need then only to approve.
The financial administration of the company can be on a web based system hosted by us. At any time you can see the status of the company in this system. As it is a full fledged ERP system you can also use it to support your operations: maintaining record of stock (either with your suppliers, customers or under the company’s control), maintaining product catalogs, manage supplier and customer relations, do invoicing and so on. All accessible over the Internet from your home location.

Biz Rep Combination

Should you want to employ your own staff, this staff could work from our office in Shanghai according to our business representation concept. The only difference would be that in this case the staff would be legally employed by your own company.

Promotion to own office

If your local manpower need warrants setting up an own office you simply relocate your staff to this new office. That new office can be anywhere in China. Should certain types of local operations require that you are locally registered (for example when that is prerequisite to obtaining certain local permits) you can always register a so-called branch office locally, which is an easy thing to accomplish.

Services summed up

Company formation:

  • Fulfilling the procedures for company registration (after documents are complete within 1 one month)
  • Providing a company address guaranteed for the duration of the business license
  • Opening a bank account

Company administration:

  • Liaising and supervising accountant for monthly tax returns, annual audit
  • Providing and maintaining a web based ERP system with the company financial administration
  • Liaising with local government of place of registration
  • Invoicing
  • Any other necessary operational activities (liaising with suppliers, logistic companies, buyers) depending on requirements

More information

As objectives will widely differ it is not possible to give a meaningful general proposal beyond what is already given. Please contact us with your requirements and we gladly will issue a customized proposal based on that.